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When is the Right Time to Rent Virtual Office Space?

For a long time now, the idea of working from home has been a readily accepted part of life for business people, especially those starting their own enterprise or freelancing. Increasingly, working from home isn’t seen as a temporary solution but rather a lifestyle choice that people use at various stages in their life – when they have children, when they decide to move to the countryside, or even move abroad. It’s not just owner managers either. There are people working within bigger businesses that are based, at least in part, from home. Perception problems mean that sole traders and people based in far-flung areas worry that clients and prospects see them as remote and removed from the ‘real’ world of business. There is no doubt that when you look for a prospective supplier, you do tend to go for one based in a well-known area and with an office address, accompanied by an office phone number. It’s human nature to think that permanence and location equate to success and security.

So when do you know you’re ready to rent virtual office space? You may well be operating on a limited budget without an established client list yet. A few minor details can help you to project a professional image and your address is one of them. Collins Street Business Centre is centrally located in Melbourne and is an experienced provider of business services that can assist you in presenting a solid business image. They understand that making that first step towards renting an office space may not be financially viable yet or suited to your business practice, but you do require a professional IT and office set up. Call them today to discuss your requirements and decide which package will assist your business growth.

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