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Important Questions When Selecting a Video Conferencing Facility or Venue
Video Conferencing Melbourne

It’s easy to get caught up in the detail and miss one of the finer points when looking for a video conferencing facility or venue that will meet the criteria your business requires for success. This is especially the case if this is a new venue for you, or you haven’t had much experience sourcing venues previously. Prior to visiting the venue or even speaking with them it’s important to have your questions prepared to help you gather the information you need, and it also helps the venue to hopefully meet all of your needs whether general or specific.

We have put together a list of important questions you might like to make use of when next on the hunt for a video conferencing facility or venue.

Is the venue available on the dates you need it?
Sounds straight forward yes? Don’t forget to make this your first question. In addition, check to ensure any additional equipment is also available such as AV equipment and other technology etc.

How will your participants travel to the venue?
Is there public transport nearby, or perhaps parking onsite?

Is there accommodation nearby?
Perhaps some of the attendees need to stay overnight or longer.

Size of the space(s) available
Can they cater to the size of your event? Can they offer classroom style setup, or perhaps meeting rooms for breakout sessions? Exhibit spaces? Break areas etc?

Can the venue meet your technical needs?
Does the facility provide AV equipment, laptops, or wireless Internet? How about on-site faxing, printing, or mailing services so attendees can conduct business while they’re away from their offices?

What options are available?

Want to hire a video conferencing room with all facilities in Melbourne? Our IP based Cisco video conferencing system will connect you worldwide to thousands of standards compatible systems at the touch of a button. No different to making a phone call, except it is in high definition colour with superb voice and picture quality. Research has proven that a video conference based meeting concludes in half the time of a face to face meeting with the same set of outcomes. So why travel with associated high costs and disruption to your day? Contact our friendly team to discuss today.

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