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Conduct business in China? CSBC launches Serviced Offices in Shanghai.

CSBC is excited to announce the launch of Neehau, our first serviced offices in Shanghai, China.

Located in the premium Shanghai location of Huaihai International Plaza in Xuhui District, walking distance from four subway lines, Neehau offers all the flexible office solution services you’ve come to expect from CSBC including fully managed serviced offices, coworking and collaboration spaces, meeting rooms for hire, breakout spaces, quiet areas and virtual office services.

The world class facility has been purpose designed for productivity and collaboration and be a welcoming and enjoyable place to be during the work day. Plants and natural vegetation is used throughout to promote a sense of wellbeing and positivity. Green is used knowing research proves the colour is critical to physical and mental health and improves performance and a sense of community.

Understanding people are essential to business success. Neehau is filled with spaces for members to connect. Large breakout spaces are welcoming and comfortable spaces for people to easily mingle and meet.

However, sometimes we need time away from the crowd. Quiet areas are spaces designed with tranquillity in mind and offer members time to reflect and rest from their fast paced work life.

Neehau’s facilities include:

Serviced offices:
Fully furnished and equipped private spaces for 1 to 20 people.

Coworking & Collaboration:

Open desks for rent as long as needed on casual or permanent basis.

Meeting & Training Rooms:

Hire professional, confidential spaces fully equipped with presentation equipment, that hold from 2 to 12 people. Our large collaborative spaces are also available to hire for large events.

CSBC Serviced Offices China Neehau  Neehau_20180307_010 Neehau_20180307_009

All business service options have access to our best of class services, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, quiet areas, phone booths, kitchen and catering, community events, professional reception area and greeting service, and worldwide member facilities.

Neehau is its own collaboration, an international joint venture for CSBC with Chinese prefabricated construction leader Halumm Building Technology, and leading Italian design studios Vinella Design lab.

With CSBC’s decades of experience delivering professional serviced offices and coworking spaces in Australia, Hulumm Building Technology’s sustainable and adaptable office furnishing and fittings, and Vinella’s Design’s award winning, multi-functional architectural designs, Neehau delivers service, design and fit-out innovation and excellence.

Next time you have business in Shanghai, make sure you contact Neehau for your flexible office needs and discover how Neehau is what happens when strangers meet.

For more information or to organise a tour when you’re next in China, check the Neehau website or email: info@neehau.com

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