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Flexible Office Space that is Cost Effective and Smart

Smart organisations around the world are embracing flexible space and are moving their staff from traditional space into more flexible alternatives. Flexible technology, especially cloud based solutions, has reduced the need for large storage and infrastructure requirements onsite and allowed the footprint of companies to reduce. This is also allowing companies to reduce the need for traditional office space, especially in environments of up to 25 people.

Leasing traditional space is fraught with unnecessary costs such as:

  1. Fitout Cost – and depreciation.
  2. Make good (at end of lease) – the forgotten cost.
  3. Management of the space (office manager/ reception) with all ancillary payroll costs. Plus, a temp when they are absent.
  4. Organising and processing multiple invoices for all the services required to run the office for example:
    1. Cleaning
    2. Catering
    3. Security
    4. Insurance
    5. Communications
    6. Power
    7. Rent
    8. Outgoings
    9. IT Management
  5. Building and maintaining the correct infrastructure in the office.
  6. Paying for too much space (Underutilised common areas, Meeting rooms, board rooms etc).
  7. Signing long term leases.
  8. Bank Guarantees – normally 6 months’ rent.
  9. Inflexibility of the rented space for growth or contraction.
  10. Balance sheet – the unutilised component of a traditional lease has to be disclosed as a liability which is not the case with a licence for a serviced office.

A quality serviced office such as CSBC (Collins Street Business Centre) is the smart alternative. The unnecessary hidden costs of traditional space is eliminated and your business can focus on making profits, with all of the monthly office costs taken care of by CSBC and also expensed by you without anything on the balance sheet.

CSBC’s Serviced Office service includes:

  1. Very central Melbourne CBD Locations, (addresses throughout Australia available on request).
  2. Unbranded premium address for your business – no staff in uniforms or our signage appearing anywhere.
  3. Architect designed, professional, unique, class and edgy fitout.
  4. Your Business name prominently positioned.
  5. Professional Telephone Answering and Reception service.
  6. Business Grade Wi-Fi and Internet with in-house IT support.
  7. Professional Board rooms, Meeting Rooms, Training rooms and Video Conferencing Rooms available when needed.
  8. No office management required.
  9. Great Kitchen with premium facilities and quality lounge/breakout areas.
  10. Interesting collaborative opportunities with businesses in and outside of the facility.
  11. One invoice to process per month – all fully expensed.
  12. For the business traveller, access to meeting rooms and business lounges throughout Australia.

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