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Choosing Managed Offices & Serviced Offices
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Help with your move into managed offices and serviced offices with these 5 considerations.

What type of managed office or serviced office do I need?

Offices come with varying levels of inclusions, obviously with the basics covered such as reception/phone answering, furniture, utilities, security etc. Extras can be added on, such as how much space you’d like, additional secretarial support, etc. Or you might want to consider co-working space, which is becoming increasingly popular with entrepreneurs and freelancers. Co working has you working alongside other creative minds, essentially where each of you are renting as desk & a chair, and Internet connectivity. Great if you want flexibility in terms of a short lease, and you want to network.


A crucial decision. Are the managed offices near public transport? Are they easy to access? This isn’t just important for you but also for your clients, to visit you, and for your staff to get to and from work with ease.

How Fast Will I grow?

What happens if you need more space but are locked into a longer term lease? Discuss upsizing options with your managed offices provider to ensure there’s room to grow.

How functional is the space?

The functionality of an office space is a very important thing to consider. Ask yourself the following, so that when you visit an office you know what to look for:

  • Will the layout accommodate my needs?
  • Which client services do I need?
  • How big do my meeting rooms need to be?
  • How easy is the space to access?

Good aesthetics and high functionality make for a productive and appealing workspace. It also helps to have a great looking reception area as first impressions count.

Costs & Inclusions?

What’s being offered? How big is the space? What’s included, and what’s extra? What’s the quality of the furniture? Is the space new, and vibrant? Do your homework and compare a few providers.

Hopefully with this brief guide, your move to a managed office or serviced office will be enjoyable and successful.

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