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Benefits of Virtual Office Space

In this article we are going to discuss the merits and benefits of virtual offices, and given we offer some of the best virtual office space in Melbourne we hope you find the post informative. When business calls for flexible work hours, virtual offices create an opportunity for people to work whenever they like from […]


Fully Equipped and Customisable Meeting Facilities in Melbourne

If you’ve been trying to find meeting facilities for hire in Melbourne that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, customisable, and affordable, CSBC is here to help. Our uniquely tailored meeting facilities in Melbourne are located in the heart of the CBD and are just minutes away from major transportation links. So, that our clients […]

Video Conferencing Melbourne

Some Benefits of Video Conferencing in Melbourne

The communication technology of conferencing for video is integrative of the voice and video for connection of the remote users with each other by means of the internet. For high quality of conferencing, there is a requirement of good bandwidth. It appeals a lot to the business and the educational sector. Conferencing on video is in more demanding phase and […]


How a Serviced Virtual Office Can Help Grow Your Business

A serviced virtual office is essentially, exactly that – an office that solely exists online. This service is particularly advantageous for start-up entrepreneurs that plan to work from home, but still want to build an image of professionalism in the eyes of potential clients and customers. CSBC offer a range of virtual office packages, ranging […]

Ready to Go Fully Managed Offices

Looking for a new office can be a bit of a nightmare. Once you have found an office space it then falls to you to furnish, set it up and interview and employ support staff. How stress free and convenient would it be to find somewhere central in a buzzing and vibrant business district with […]


Eliminate The Stress and Rent an Office in Melbourne!

Are you starting or expanding your business but not relishing the thought of hunting for an office space and everything that goes with it? You will need a professional and state of the art office to keep up with the ever changing technical world we now live. Along with this big step comes the expense […]


Collins Street Business Centre “CSBC” joins Alliance Business Centre Network ”ABCN”

CSBC Melbourne’s premier serviced office provider has expanded its network and joined the ABCN – a global network with more than 650 Independently owned and managed Serviced Offices. ( www.abcn.com )   In joining ABCN, our tenants can access premium meeting rooms and office locations around the globe. This includes up to eight hours of […]


At CSBC We Take Care Of Your Office While You Take Care Of Your Business

Does your Business spend too much time and money managing your office space and not enough time focusing on your business? Unnecessary items such as: Long term office leases (including hefty landlord guarantees). Reception staffing. Telephone services. Electricity and gas service. Cleaning. Stocking Kitchens. Internet services. Photocopy leases. Capital purchases and additional accounting to support […]


Looking for a Professional Video Conferencing Room?

With companies expanding and employees established far and wide, holding meetings to share important information proves difficult in this evolving business age. Travel is one of the things that can hinder many business meetings, both timely and costly. Travelling to meetings throughout the week can affect the level and quality of work achieved. It is […]

office in Melbourne

Fully Managed Offices Offer a Stylish Solution to Business Premises

Keeping costs down is a constant priority for any business, but this is particularly significant during a period of economic downturn. Even when your business is coping well in times of economic strain, it is wise to ensure that your outgoings are kept as low as possible in order to maintain your margins and build […]

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