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How a Serviced Virtual Office Can Help Grow Your Business

A serviced virtual office is essentially, exactly that – an office that solely exists online. This service is particularly advantageous for start-up entrepreneurs that plan to work from home, but still want to build an image of professionalism in the eyes of potential clients and customers. CSBC offer a range of virtual office packages, ranging from causal memberships to their Gold service, which includes a prestigious range of services that screams ‘big-business’ authority. Such services include a professional business address at our Collins Street location, phone answering and post message handling, as well as access to lounge and breakout areas with Wi-Fi and hot drink availabilities.

Other fantastic benefits of virtual office spaces that can help the growth of your business include:

• No Commute Time

For some, commuting time to and from work everyday can be up to 3 hours – sometimes more! With serviced virtual offices, you can spend the time that you’d be in the car, working, thus significantly increasing productivity levels.

• More Activity = Better Health

It’s common knowledge that working at a desk from nine to five every day is bad for one’s health, with studies even suggesting it can cut your lifespan by up to 40 per cent. By working from home, you will have the ability to be more active throughout the day, whilst our trained staff direct calls and emails on your behalf. With a healthy mind and body, it goes without saying that productivity will skyrocket.

• More Cost Efficient

By hiring a serviced virtual office space, you will save on overheads that would otherwise be spent on utility payments, hardware, office lease, and other associated costs with brick and mortar offices. With the savings you’ll earn from this, you can invest in other aspects of your company and clients.

With the help of a serviced virtual office, you can create a ‘big-business image’ in the minds of clients and customers, be more productive, and ultimately grow your business further. CSBC have a team of friendly, trained professionals who are serious about your business. For details, visit our virtual offices page here: http://www.colbus.com.au/virtual-offices/

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