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Serviced Offices – Cost Comparison

This is a general cost comparison between renting a serviced office or executive suite and renting your own office, noting that actual costs may vary from business to business. All costs are based on monthly rates in Australian Dollars.

For your own 100m² open plan suite, you would only need 30m² in our Business Centreas all of the public and shared areas are not charged. This is one of the largest savings you will attain.

Cost Comparison Table – 100 m² Tenancy Area

Cost Comparison Table

Capital Cost Items DIY CSBC
Office partitioning, services, permits, alarm, cabling 30,000
Bank Guarantee 17,250 2,833
Phone System with voicemail (incl. lines) 6,000
Office supplies 1,000
Furniture for meeting room, desks, chairs, reception (5-7 staff) 18,000
Total Capital Cost 72,250 2,833
Annual Operating Costs DIY CSBC
Office rental (100sqm @ $340/m gross) vs 30sqm at CSBC 34,000 34,000
Meeting Room Hire 4,400
Secretary/Receptionist 30,000 2,500
Equipment leasing for copier etc incl. paper, maintenance and copy costs 11,000 1,200
Phone calls (avg for 5 people) incl. line rental 6,000 8,500
Internet access with own firewall, router for server hosting email 4,800 1,200
Office insurance incl. $20M PL required for own tenancy 3,000 1,500
Alarm monitoring and false callouts 900
Office maintenance 1,500
Cleaning 3 days/week vs 5 days/week at CSBC 1,450
Temp agency costs for backup to secreatry 3,500
Kitchen supplies 2,500
Amortising of make good costs at end of 36 month lease 10,000
Total Annual Cost 108,650 53,300
Depreciation of capital costs over 36 month lease 24,083
Total Cost Over 3 Year Lease $398,200 $162,733
Annual Saving Using CSBC $78,489
Monthly Saving Using CSBC $6,541

Note: Allowances not included for temp. staff hire to backup reception and secretarial with your own office.

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