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What to ask when booking a Training room
Melbourne Training Rooms

As a leading supplier that offers a great Melbourne training room facility, we thought this quick guide might help those of you ask the right questions when booking external meeting rooms.

What’s included in the room hire?

It’s always good to understand and clarify what’s included in the booking, and what is excluded. Ask about TV’s, projectors, IT services, notepads, pens, flip charts, water and snacks, tea & coffee, and the times you can have access to the room etc.

Are there cancellation fees?

Is there a cost should you have to cancel? If so, what are the terms on that? Or can you re-book at a later date? Again, terms on that?

Is car parking and disabled access available?

Does the venue have disabled access?

What parking is available either at the venue, or nearby, and what are the costs and any restrictions etc? Or is there public transport nearby? What’s the best stop(s) to get off at for trains, bus, and trams?

Capacity for the room?

If you are unsure of guest numbers expected, confirm what the maximum capacity of the room is, and if layouts can be changed to accommodate more guests.


Is catering available? What type, and options? And the costs? Where will it be served? Are there set break times, or can you decide when you break? ins or Cookies) that are left over from breaks to remain in the room.
When do they need your catering order by? Can they accommodate special dietary requirements? Is cutlery etc included?

Can the room setup be adjusted?

What equipment/furniture can be altered. Is the stage fixed in one location or can it be moved around the room? Does the room have heavy curtains to block out any sunshine for Audio Visual presentations? Does the venue have portable plants to decorate the room with? Where can posters and banners be displayed in the room? Can posters be stuck to the wall?

What access do I have to the venue prior to my event?

Confirm when you can get access to your event room and how much time you have to set-up and pack-down.

Do you have a function supervisor and IT assistance on the day?

Who will be looking after you on the day of your event? Will it be the Event Manager? Or is there a dedicated Function Manager? Or does it depend on the staff rosters as to who will be present to manage your event on the day? Confirm beforehand who you should be expecting on the day.
We hope this quick tip sheet helps you when you’re next booking a Melbourne training room.

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