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Permanent Tenants

1. How many offices do you have?

We offer over 50 serviced offices across one and a half floors.

2. What is included in the rent

We provide a bundled service tailored to meet your exact business needs and usage requirements. A typical office includes furniture; telephone line(s) and equipment; broadband internet connection and includes outgoings and office cleaning.

3. Are any services included?

Yes, personalised phone answering, message services including e-mail and SMS, broadband, photocopying, facsimile services, kitchen facilities, private ensuite/shower etc.

4. How long does it take to establish the service?

Generally between 24-48 hours, depending on the amount of people you need to accommodate and your requirements. This includes signing our Licence Agreement and paying your deposits.

If the office(s) you have leased is not available just yet, then we will temporarily accommodate you in another office and relocate you to your, once it is vacated.

5. How do the phones work and how do I receive my messages?

We configure the phones to suit your needs. The most common practise is to provide each tenant with a direct in-dial number which can divert on busy or no answer to your private voicemail box, mobile phone or home office. The voicemail messages may be retrieved remotely world-wide.

Most tenants prefer that the calls be answered by our professional Receptionist who personally answers your call in your

Company Name and places it directly or takes a message and can either e-mail or SMS the message.

6. What meeting and boardrooms do you offer and what is entailed to reserve a room?

We offer 11 meeting and training rooms of varying size, to seat from 4 to 28 people. Simply call Reception or our Admin Dept to reserve a room and organise your catering requirements. The charges are scaled on an hourly, half-day or full-day basis and are charged to your monthly services invoice.

7. Is catering available when I have guests?

Yes. We outsource to excellent and very professional catering companies. Waiters can be arranged on request. We provide elegant crockery, cutlery and glassware.

Popular catering choices include gourmet filled sandwiches and fresh salads. We supply juices, soft drinks, beer and wine. All room hire includes endless cups of fresh coffee, tea(s), filtered water and wrapped mints.

8. What type of Internet service do you have?

We operate a high speed (broadband) Internet connection, in both directions – i.e. downloads and uploads. This is important when a tenant wishes to run a virtual private network to a remote office via the Internet. (Popular, low cost ADSL services will not operate effectively if you have such a need).

Each tenant’s connection is secured via a technique called VLAN, ensuring that tenants cannot access each other’s data.
In addition, we provide a secure firewall and anti-virus protection in both directions.

We have additional IT facilities for hosting your own server and professionally manage firewall and email servers. A simple example of our depth of facilities is our tenants with notebook computers don’t need to change settings between office, hotel or home. There are many subtle enhancements that our competition don’t offer. Plus we have in-house IT support for prompt support.

9. What is the length of your tenant agreements?

Generally 6-12 months and reviewed after each period. By entering into an Agreement for a fixed term, we are able to offer more competitively priced office rentals (including main services) than on a monthly basis.

However, we do support casual office hire, (daily, weekly or monthly) and access to our services and facilities.

10. Can we obtain additional furniture to what is offered in a standard office?

Yes. Most of our tenants have selected furniture to suit their exact needs. We bundle the furniture into the rental proposal.

11. Can we have our own fax or additional phone lines?

Yes. We can provide you with analog and/or digital lines in addition to our standard office configuration and we bundle the costs into the rental proposal.

12. What kitchen facilities am I entitled to?

We have three kitchens, with a fresh coffee bean machines, a range of quality tea(s), soft drinks, beer and wine. Tea and coffee, and biscuits are complimentary , whilst there is a nominal charge for soft and alcoholic drinks. Elegant crockery, cutlery and glassware is provided for you use.

13. Is access to the building easy after hours?

Yes. We provide each tenant with a Proximity Card that works after hours to gain access to the building via the front and/or rear entrances including lift access to our floors.
We also provide each tenant with their own alarm code to gain entry to our tenancy.

14. Is there car parking in the building?

Yes, provided by Australia Care Park and located in the basement. Access is via 369 Lt. Collins Street. Operating hours are between 7am – 7pm Monday to Thursday and to 7am – 9pm Fridays. Saturday is between 8am – 5pm for casual use, whilst 24 x 7 access is available for tenants wanting a reserved parking space. The tenants deal directly with Australia Care Park.

15. What support services do you provide?

We offer a comprehensive range of administration, secretarial, reception and IT support services. Depending on your needs and our bundled office proposal, we provide these additional services on an ‘as-needs’ basis.

Virtual Tenants

1. Will I need to enter into an Agreement?

Yes, we require all of our tenants to enter into monthly agreements, to avoid any confusion over the services we provide. It is in our mutual interest to ensure that our deliverable meets your expectations.

2. How long does it take to set up the service?

Within 24 hours. We can usually provide you with your dedicated phone number, shared fax number and address details as soon as an agreement is signed and deposits are paid.

3. How do phone diversions work?

We provided personalised phone answering and messages services during the day. After hours we can divert calls to any external number you nominate.

4. How do you process messages?

As per your instructions. Most tenants ask us to relay their messages via e-mail or SMS, however, we can also call you personally to convey your messages.

5. Can we keep the phone number if we become a permanent tenant?

Yes. Your personalised phone number is transferred into the office of your choice and services continue as per normal.

6. Is there access after hours to the floors?

Unfortunately for security reasons we only allow permanent tenants access after hours. However we operate between 8am – 5.30pm weekdays, which usually meets our virtual tenant’s needs.

7. What happens to my postal mail that arrives for me?

We notify you daily of any mail that has arrived to our office and (as per your instructions) can forward the mail on to your home or other nominated address. In some cases tenants instruct us to open their mail, and either fax or scan/e-mail it to them. We also run errands and assist them with their bank deposits or mailing of small or large parcels at the Post Office.

8. Do I get access to the Internet and am I able to use a fixed line phone whilst in the Centre?

Yes. We will assist you with your Internet connection and provide you with a phone access code. Charges do apply for the use of the Internet and for your outgoing phone calls.

9. What kitchen facilities am I entitled to when using a hot seat?

As per our permanent tenants, you will have access to three fully equipped kitchens and refreshments including soft drinks, a range of top quality teas, fresh coffee, and biscuits for your convenience.

Meeting Rooms

1. What is included?

All rooms include telephone, broadband access subject to fair use, flipchart or whiteboard, coffee, tea, filtered water and mints. Larger rooms also have ceiling mounted projectors and projector screens.

2. Do you offer catering?

Yes. We outsource to excellent and very professional catering companies. Waiters can be arranged on request. We provide elegant crockery, cutlery and glassware.
Popular catering choices include gourmet filled sandwiches and fresh salads. Juices and soft drinks are also available if required. All room hire includes endless cups of fresh coffee, tea(s), filtered water and wrapped mints.

3. What additional equipment is available?
  • Electronic whiteboard
  • Laptop
  • Flatscreen TV
  • VHS
  • DVD
4. How do I book?

Our staff will tentatively book the required rooms for you and then forward you a room booking form by fax or email. Simply fill in this form and forward back to us to formalise your booking.

5. Payment?

Full payment is required prior to the day of your booking. Once payment is received we will issue you with a receipt.

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